Abstract Depressionism



Ted Patrick is pleased to announce a non-formal art show titled “ABSTRACT DEPRESSIONISM” Showing previously unseen sculptures, prints and original works the show will be a reflection of society and the times we live in today. As you can imagine Ted is extremely excited to welcome you all to attend and is currently busy in the studio overseeing production. There will be the opportunity to purchase a limited number of works at the event including original pieces. We appreciate not everyone will be able to make it in person so there will also be a small number of items available to buy online. Ted is putting in every effort to make this as an immersive an art experience as possible whilst also delivering an impactful and thought provoking show. We hope you all enjoy it.


Where?  somewhere in the uk

When?   Sometime in 2020


Ted will soon be releasing a new print see above image (although without the writing). It will measure approx 50cm x 70cm and it is a screen printed image. Any interested parties are encouraged to use the contact form or email faq@tedpatrick.co.uk